Greetings from Germany

Hallo dear Deon !
Many greetings from our hometown Heidelberg. 
We are the couple who stayed 3 nights in the pomphuis and with whom you chatted on the veranda of your house. We are now back in "good, ols Germany", but we still remember the
lovely stay on your property and the company of your dogs and Nguni cattle.
Here, autumne is beginning, with nice rains, after a long, dry summer. We hope that the rains are also starting to fall in your area.
Thanks again for the adress and the phone call to the rainbow butchery, where we bought some nice meat (we could hardly stop buying). The butcher was very nice and helpful.
Next year, we are planning a trip through the Eastern Cape, but when we will be back in the Waterberg area, we certainly will pop in for a tea.
Keep well and once again the best wishes from Heidelberg
Hannelore and Volker Bender