Nice to receive letters like this ...

Dear Mister Richter,

I am late writing you as promised but it is the opportunity to wish you a merry Christmas and my best wishes for the new year.

We are the group of 5 French tourists who have been camping at your place in Novembre, on our way to Botswana. Booking was made by Mrs Barrault. We have enjoyed our trip and specially Elephant Camp, where we've been on your advice. That was one of the best places. You will find a picture attached. We have seen thousands of éléphants staying at the camp all day and night long. We could even see an elephant drinking in the swimming pool, amazing and unforgettable !

We also have a great picture of Kubu Island, where we have experienced a tremendous thunder, enlighting the night, it was a wonderful scenery.

We have enjoyed the rest of the trip and I wish I will come back with my husband.

I would like to thank you again for your advices, your sympathic camp and your warm welcome. As said, please inform us if you pass by Lyon in your next trip.

Best wishes for 2017.