Project U-turn visits Thabaphaswa

We recently received a visit by Glenn Crynen en Julie Dierckx, two Flemish sports and outdoor enthusiasts. 
Glenn and a friend were triathletes but during a cycle race, the friend was in an accident and ended up as a praraplegic.
The two friends decided to do as much as they could together to ensure life could go on as unchanged as possible.
That is how the non-profit, Project U-turn came into being.   
The project organises adventure tours for disabled people all over the world. A team, which include doctors, acccompany the tourists who all have specially reinforced wheelchairs to keep up with their sense of adventure.
An interesting twist is that they all participate in supplementing groups where a blind person would be accompanied by a person in a wheelchair. They are not spared the rough and tough of nature and one of their favourites is to travel on the back of a bakkie.
We hope to seen them all back at Thabaphaswa!