Tilman Hartmann writes about a new climb at Thabaphaswa

Hallo Deon,
My name is Tilmann Hartmann. We were the group of young climbers from Saxony-Germany who visited Thabaphaswa from the 11 July till 13 of July 2015. On the 13 of July we were able to establish a new route on the Kanniedood.

"A Little Grit" 20 - 1 pitch - 4 bolts
13 July 2015 - Emilia Schönherr und Paul Grotheer, Lina Schneeweiß, Tilmann Hartmann
This nice climb starts a few meters to the right of the route "My Big Toe". There are some run outs in this route.
The route was done by climbing and bolting from the bottom without prior establishing of bolts bias the use of a top rope.

We enjoyed our stay at Thabaphaswa very much and like to say thank you.
Kind regards


Little Grit climb at Thabaphaswa Mountain Sanctuary