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Thabaphaswa's exceptional nature

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# Thabaphaswa

Scratching the itch

Boy with dog at Thabaphaswa

Enough space for children and their dogs

Dog in hammock at Thabaphaswa

Everyone can relax at Thabaphaswa

A boy in his tent at Thabaphaswa

A boy with his dog in a tent at Thabaphaswa

Women at rocks on Thabaphaswa

Women enjoy nature at Thabaphaswa

Directions at Thabaphaswa

Proper signage is part of the experience

Boulder formation Thabaphaswa

Rock formations

Boulders at Thabaphaswa

Boulders for adventure

Lizard at Thabaphaswa

Lizard at Thabaphaswa

Boulders the size of houses at Thabaphaswa

Boulders the size of houses

Water lilies on a dam at Thabapahaswa

Water lilies on a dam

Girl looking out over a valley at Thabapahaswa

Looking out over the bushveld

Hills and mountains Thabaphaswa

Hills and mountains

Rocky outcrops Thabaphaswa

Rocky outcrops everywhere

Boulder formations Thabaphaswa

Unequalled rock formations

Bushveld mountain

Bushveld mountain

dam overflow at Thabaphaswa

Dam overflow

Bushveld mountains at Thabaphaswa

Bushveld mountains

Water lily flower at Thabaphaswa

Water lily flower

Bushveld flowers by Markus Wörsdörfer

Bushveld flowers

Bushveld trees, mountain rocksThabaphaswa

Bushveld trees, mountain rocks

Rocky outcrops Thabaphaswa

Beautiful even in winter

Mountain valleys Thabaphaswa

Mountains and valleys

Girl looking out over valley at Thabaphaswa

Bushveld, mountains and valleys

Water lily flower

Water lily flower

Water lilies in dam

Water lilies in a farm dam

Crawling branches against boulders at Thabaphaswa

The joys of nature's architecture

Curling tree branches at Thaphaswa

Twists and turns

A dam wall overflows at Thabaphaswa

A dam wall overflows

Mountain valleys Thabaphaswa

Farming with nature

Dam at night

Dam at night

Gazebo on dam wall Thabaphaswa

Dam at Thabaphaswa

Girl reading below rock at Thabaphaswa

Tranquility is our trade mark

Tree root and dead leaves at Thabaphaswa

Always something for the observant guest

Green leaves sprouting from brown dead leaves

"Colour" by Markus Wörsdörfer

Flowering succulent at Thabaphaswa

A flower among the grass

Mountain reflected in dam Thabaphaswa

Mountain in a dam

Farm dam Thabaphaswa

Farm dam at Thabaphaswa

Tree crawling over rock Thabaphaswa

Hugging the rock

Valley at Thabaphaswa

How green is our valley

Mountain flower

Mountain flower

Akasia flower

Akasia flower

Dam wall and setting sun at Thabaphaswa

A dam wall and a setting sun

Mountains and bushveld at Thabaphaswa

Breathtaking bushveld

Flower Thabaphaswa

Mountain colour

Homestead Thabaphaswa

Homestead Thabaphaswa

Rocky mountain Thabaphaswa

Rocky mountain

Close-up of dragonfly

Dragonfly by Markus Wörsdörfer

Dirt road in deep valley Thabaphaswa

Down in the valley

Thabaphaswa bushveld

Thabaphaswa bushveld

Houses in bushveld valley

There is peace down there

Reflecting dam between mountains at Thabaphaswa

Nature's mirror

bushveld and mountains at Thabaphaswa

Bushveld mountains

bushveld and mountains at Thabaphaswa

Thabaphaswa bushveld mountains


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Farm Groenkom, Mokopane


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