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Pet friendly Thabaphaswa

Thabaphaswa is one of only a few pet-friendly venues north of Gauteng, and a landmark accommodation venue in the Waterberg area, where dogs are allowed to bring their owners.

For pet owners, it's a challenge to find a place where their dogs can run free and exercise.

Over weekends, dog owners like to take their pets out with them for exercise and some free running. This is especially true if you live in a town or city.

It has become prohibitively expensive to put dogs in kennels, which motivates dog owners to take their pet with them on vacation or away for weekends. It has the added benefit that the family structure and cohesion remain uninterrupted while children are less easily bored.

Thabaphaswa falls in the Waterberg district municipality and is a place where your pets and children can roam free in safety.


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Labrador couple at Thabaphaswa

Labradors cooling of at pet friendly Thabaphaswa

Boerboel couple at Thabaphaswa

Ria Smuts and dogs at Kanniedood Camp

Boerboel couple at Thabaphaswa

Boerboel couple

Alsation and poodle in farm dam Thabaphaswa

Making friends in the dam

Boerboel and Alsation at Thabaphaswa

After a day's play

Campers with dogs

Camping with the humans

Chop-chop the Labrador at Thabaphaswa

Chop-Chop, the in-house Labrador

Chop-chop with guest at Thabaphaswa

Chop-Chop shows a guest around

Dogs playing in dam at Thabaphaswa

Water games

Dogs in farm dam Thabaphaswa

Fun in the water

Dogs in cement dam Thabaphaswa

Summer can be a burden

Fun in the water at Thabaphaswa

Cooling off


Fun in the water

German Shepherd resting at Thabaphaswa

Time to rest

Hiker with dogs resting on a rock

Friendship in the mountain

Girl with dogs at Thabaphaswa

Taking a breather

Great Dane at Thabaphaswa

All sizes welcome

Hiker with dogs overlooking valley at Thabaphaswa

Ample space for hiking

Limpopo Dog Club at Thabaphaswa

Limpopo Dog Club

Man and dog swimming in dam at Thabaphaswa

Go for a dip

Dogs swimming in dam at Thabaphaswa

Friends swimming

Weimeraner in dam at Thabaphaswa

Water fun

Heinrich Richter with Boerboel puppies at Thabaphaswa

Heinrich and his puppies

Wet woollie dog at Thabaphaswa

Woollie wetness

Boerboel resting on a rock above valley at Thabaphaswa


Huskies meet turtle at Thabaphaswa Photo: Mariska Gerber