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A farmer caught a leopardess which killed calves on his farm near Mokopane in Limpopo. What he found surprised him. He took this video and released the leopard. The animal is believed to be roaming Thabaphaswa Mountain Sanctuary and neighbouring farms where most farmers practise nature-friendly farming.
Nikela Wildlife visits Thabaphaswa
Jaks Tracks at Thabaphaswa
Bushcraft camp at Thabaphaswa
Bushcalls Safaris, The Netherlands, aerial view of Thabaphaswa
Riding a mountain bike trail at Thabaphaswa
Mountaineering at Thabaphaswa
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Spending a day with Thabaphaswa's Nguni cattle herd


Tel: 015 491 4882
Cellphone/WhatsApp: 082 389 6631
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Farm Groenkom, Mokopane


GPS: S24 04.500, E29 04.013