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A son of one of the Thabaphaswa Nguni bulls made the front page of Farmer's Weekly (2 Sep 2016)
Ngunis at Thabaphaswa photographed by Marianne Schwankhart
Thabaphaswa Nguni bull for sale
Nguni bull recently placed with an emerging farmer by the North-west government
"On the Farm". A painting by Dawn Beadle, an artist from Gauteng from a photo by Sunday Times Adventure Travel photographer, Marianne Schwankhart.
Thabaphaswa Nguni Bulls for sale
Appelkoos son of Kleinkoos, now one of Thabaphaswa stud bulls
Basjan, son of Skopgraaf
A son of Skopgraaf
A daughter of Skopgraaf
Matroos, son of Skopgraaf, Nguni bulls
Thabaphaswa Ngunis in the veld
Nguni bull at Thabaphaswa
A Nguni bull
Calves in the veld at Thabaphaswa