Project U-turn visits Thabaphaswa

We recently received a visit by Glenn Crynen en Julie Dierckx, two Flemish sports and outdoor enthusiasts. 
Glenn and a friend were triathletes but during a cycle race, the friend was in an accident and ended up as a praraplegic.
The two friends decided to do as much as they could together to ensure life could go on as unchanged as possible.
That is how the non-profit, Project U-turn came into being.   

Our third wedding

The third wedding at Thabaphaswa, that of Ben and Liané Marais took place recently in our Lapa. The bride wanted a bushveld wedding and had specific ideas about the decor and ceremony.

She made use of grass bales, wood stumps and dead trees and dry arrangements using natural bushveld material which had to be made some time before the event. Our staff gladly assisted.

Liané's creativity made our lapa even more inviting and we are honoured that she chose us as her venue of choice.

Greetings from Germany

Hallo dear Deon !
Many greetings from our hometown Heidelberg. 
We are the couple who stayed 3 nights in the pomphuis and with whom you chatted on the veranda of your house. We are now back in "good, ols Germany", but we still remember the
lovely stay on your property and the company of your dogs and Nguni cattle.
Here, autumne is beginning, with nice rains, after a long, dry summer. We hope that the rains are also starting to fall in your area.

A son of Thabaphaswa

We are proud! A son of one of the Thabaphaswa Nguni bulls made the front page of Farmer's Weekly (2 Sep 2016) in an article about a farmer who uses the Nguni in cross-breeding to improve dual purpose traits in his animals.