A son of Thabaphaswa

We are proud! A son of one of the Thabaphaswa Nguni bulls made the front page of Farmer's Weekly (2 Sep 2016) in an article about a farmer who uses the Nguni in cross-breeding to improve dual purpose traits in his animals.

Tilman Hartmann writes about a new climb at Thabaphaswa

Hallo Deon,
My name is Tilmann Hartmann. We were the group of young climbers from Saxony-Germany who visited Thabaphaswa from the 11 July till 13 of July 2015. On the 13 of July we were able to establish a new route on the Kanniedood.

"A Little Grit" 20 - 1 pitch - 4 bolts
13 July 2015 - Emilia Schönherr und Paul Grotheer, Lina Schneeweiß, Tilmann Hartmann
This nice climb starts a few meters to the right of the route "My Big Toe". There are some run outs in this route.

The GiraffenMog visits us!

In late August 2015 we were visited by interesting travellers, Ute Nast-Linke and Frank Linke, in their Unimog Wohnmobil.

Ute and Frank travel Southern Africa to compile travel guides about camping facilities for German self-travel tourists. They dropped in on their way to Kruger Park, where they will collect information for a guide about Kruger.

Fiona McIntosh writes about us - again

Thabaphaswa's adventurer friend, Fiona McIntosh wrote another article for Getaway Magazine in which Thabaphaswa figures (photos by Shaen Adey).

The article appears in the September 2015 issue of Getaway under the headline The Getaway Road.

The mountain bike trails are the main focus of Fiona's article but Thabaphaswa is also referred to as "a sanctuary for everyone". Thabaphaswa's pet friendliness is mentioned as well as the fact that it is a year-round destination.

High demand for our campsites

We have been experiencing an increasingly strong demand for our campsites.
People clearly want to enjoy the sounds of nature and to experience an "in -the bush-atmosphere" We now already have 12 shaded campsites in the wild. Each can accommodate 2 or more vehicles with trailers/tents.
Due to our location in the fork of the N1 and N11 we often are being visited by travellers to/from the Kruger National Park and countries to the North.

Thabaphaswa camping sites expand

Thabaphaswa has expanded its camping facilities after a welcome increase in demand, especially from campers wanting to stay over on their way to Botswana.

Where we started with only one camping site, we now have nine, and all were booked over the Easter Weekend (2015).

We had 50 adults and 11 dogs camping!

It seems that Thabaphaswa is gaining popularity as a dog-friendly camp.

Have a look at some of our camps over the Easter weekend