Cycle grids installed for mountain bikers

Cycle grids (A-frames) have been installed on the Thabaphaswa Mountain Bike Routes.
Bikers do not need to stop and open gates anymore when riding.
For the newbies, we provide this Mountain Biking 101 advice by our mountain bike adviser:
Riding an A-frame
Riding over an A-frame or similar structure can be compared to climbing onto a curb with your bike.
The key to remember is not to use your brakes at all as you go over the A-fr

Thank you from Townsends' Adventure LIfestyles

Hi Deon

Thanks again for hosting Townsends’ Adventure Lifestyles as well as The Ridge School Gr. 6 boys. We had a great time and the boys really enjoyed the Zipline as well as being in the bush and away from city life. Using Domerock, Kanniedood and Bergvy camps simultaneously with the 3 different groups of boys hiking between each of the camps worked well. The boys were really challenged when doing the Black Eagle hiking trail as well as on the rock climbs!