Thabaphaswa traditional menu

Although Thabaphaswa accommodation is self-catering, we have been offering a traditional menu for our foreign visitors, especially tour groups. In the last couple of years there has been an increase in local tourists and groups who requested that we provide them with the traditional food experience.

We offer the following:

  • Basic breakfast @ R140,00 per person
  • Typical South African braai @ R160 per person
  • South African braai with a traditional flavour, which adds on to the braai traditional dishes prepared by women from the surrounding local communities. @ R200 per person.
    The women in traditional attire serve these dishes with an explanation of what the dishes are, and how it is prepared.
    The women also sing a number of traditional songs and entertain questions from guests.
  • Wine, beer, fruit juices and cold drinks are available from a cash bar

Thabaphaswa traditional menu

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