The 4×4 trails at Thabaphaswa and also in the area provide for a wide and interesting choice.

These trails, mostly jeep tracks into the mountains, are available for visitors to explore the exceptional nature.

Some are technically more difficult but the purpose is not in the first place to test the capability of your 4×4 but rather to enjoy the nature.

The trail to the Look-out point

The Look Out Point is high up on the horizon looking North from the Homestead.

It is 16 km there and back and it represents gaining altitude all the time to the top

At the top, the environment is quite different and is known as “the Pietersburg Highveld” Here one finds Proteas and different tree species because of the higher altitude.

The Look-out point is a large flat rock from where one has a great view of the valley below, the Witvinger Nature Reserve, and the North face of the Thabaphaswa Mountain. One can, from here, watch the sun set over the Waterberg in the far distance.

There are also enjoyable deviations from this trail such as driving along the mountain stream to Teffo’s Dam below the Look-out point.

The N1 Mahlare Route to the Kanniedood Mountain hut and the rock climbs

This route starts at the homestead and represents a quite steep climb up the Mahlare mountain.

One can only reach the Kanniedood Camp with a 4×4.

To reach the Rock Climbs one must drive past the Kanniedood Camp to the designated parking area and then go through a gate. The key for the lock must be obtained at the homestead.

From the homestead it is 5 km to and back from the parking area at the rock climbs.

The Bobbejaan Loop

This trail traverses the Mahlare mountain behind the homestead. It is only 2 km but with many loose rocks. It is only recommended for those that are looking for a technically more difficult trail.

The Ndebele Neck Loop

This trail is only 1.5 km long and are used to visit Hein’s and Christoph’s dams.

The Percy Fyfe Trail

This trail is in an area outside Thabaphaswa and first follows the service road of the railway line to the North. It passes several game farms and also goes through the Percy Fyfe Nature reserve. One then travels back to Thabaphaswa via the Lunsklip country road. Total distance is plus/minus 50 km.