Camping at Thabaphaswa

Thabaphaswa continues to experience strong growth in the demand for our camp sites.

Twenty years ago we started with one campsite. We are now developing new sites and will soon have noticably more than 20.

Camping at Thabaphaswa

The reason is that our camp sites are totally different from those mostly found in South Africa at holiday resorts and caravan parks. There is a big need for camping out in the bush and the mountains and to feel part of the African wilderness.

We are well located for camping tourists on their way to countries North of SA, Kruger National Park or the Northern parts of the Limpopo Province.

Our campsites are far apart for more privacy, and are spread out in the bush under trees that provide adequate shade. Each can accommodate at least two tents/trailers/caravans, although there are campsites that can accommodate eight tents or more for larger groups of campers.

First time visitors normally do not book a campsite but choose one when they check in. Our many regular visitors soon develop a strong preference for a camp site. Some of them act as if they have made a land claim and get quite upset if someone else dares to book “their site” first.

There are two main areas on the farm where the camp sites are located:

  • There are camp sites along the foot of the Thabaphaswa Mountain which include the Thabaphaswa Campsite that caters for larger groups. Nearby is a round farm dam that is great fun to swim in.
  • The other area for campsites is along the mountain stream that flows through the farm. There are natural dams in the stream that are great natural swimming pools. Two of the dams have foefieslaaids (zip lines) for a more adventurous way to enter the water. This provides for great fun.

All camping areas have hot showers and reed-enclosed toilets.

Individual campsites have fire pits, braai grids, water taps and dish washing facilities.

We now also have a few movable shower stands that can be provided to campers that wish to take regular cold showers at their campsites.

Some groups of visitors quite often book both accommodation and camp sites

The the Mountain Club of SA often book the Bergvy Camp as well as the Thabaphaswa camp site nearby for their meets for hiking and rock climbing. This is also the approach of the Audrey Riding School for their annual visit with horses.

Family groups sometimes include older persons that prefer to stay in one of our cottages, namely the Ndebele Cot-House or the Pump House. There is a campsite directly next to the Cot-House to provide for this.

Campers share the lapa and ablution facilities with the Cot-House.

There are also camp sites within 100 meters of the Pump House.

Camping rates

  • R170 per person/night
  • Special rates: Children 4-12 years – half price
  • Children under 4 years – free of charge (basic option)
  • Children under 4 years – 50% of rate
  • Dogs: Free of charge
  • 15% Discount for organized groups (10 or more people)
  • Special rates for interest groups. Minimum 2 nights over a weekend to qualify for special rates
  • 20% Pensioners discount for midweek bookings

Good bushveld firewood and ice are available at the farmhouse.

Please note that we do not have electricity in any of our accommodation. The farmhouse has solar power for emergency use such as charging mobile devices.