Img: Gerd Altmann, Pixabay

Thabaphaswa is open for business as long as we can stay open

Many booking platforms have sent messages indicating that they expect cancellations in significant numbers because of the threat of the Covid-19.

We also expected cancellations but so far we have experienced the opposite.

We received a bookings from people who said, with offices and schools closed, they want to get aways from crowded cities and seek safety in open nature. They also book for longer periods of up to a week at the time.

We received only one cancellation and that is from a visitor from overseas that are no longer allowed to enter SA. One other overseas visitor moved their booking to next year.

A number of guests that have already booked have sent messages expressing satisfaction that we will not close down yet. The fact that they will be in the bush where there is ample space between camp sites and also between the different accommodation, means that they feel safer with us than at home.

The normal heavy travel over the Easter weekend will not manifest because church meetings such as that of Zion City Moria will now only take place later this year.

Thabaphaswa have conducted information and orientation training sessions with our excellent staff. We encouraged them to also give feedback to their families and communities. We assist them with the provision of masks and sanitizing products to use at home. We are now also providing providing supplements to our staff to enhance their resistance to the virus.

At Thabaphaswa, staff on duty will be wearing masks and intensive sanitation actions will take place daily, at reception, and in all washing and ablution facilities. Hand washing facilities will be available at all toilets.

We look forward to receive many of our old friends to help them escape from all the stress and enjoy wellness and good health with us.