Day visitors

Day visitors are most welcome at Thabaphaswa.

People and their dogs often spend a day out in our lovely nature or to practice their adventure sport such as hiking, rock climbing, trail running, mountain biking, 4×4 , swimming , fishing, birding and tree spotting.

Picnics and braai days are accommodated at our many camp sites.

The Thabaphaswa main gate is never locked and visitors can arrive very early – even before sunrise or after sunset.

Some of our visitors only visit for a few hours to hike or do other activities. Those who visit regularly to train come to a special arrangement about the cost of such short visits. Others spend the whole day and enjoy themselves thoroughly in Thabaphaswa’s unspoilt nature.

Youth groups often visit us on a day trip. Other groups, such as the local dog training school, visit each year for their year-end function when the dogs and their humans always have a great day hiking, playing and swimming in our dams and in the mountain stream.