Visitors to Thabaphaswa can undertake a variety of excursions.

One of these is a trip to a rural village, Mashashane, where most of our employees and their families stay. The excursions provide an opportunity for our guests to meet local people and experience how they live.

Katrin Schmallenbach and her family, as well as some of their friends, visited us earlier this year. They are from the Ruhrgebiedt in Germany. They also visited Mashashane seven years ago during a previous visit to us. Their son, Fritzie, was then 7 years old. During a visit to the local school, he took a soccer ball and had a great time playing with the learners.

They again visited the school recently and were well received by the Principal and teachers. When the learners discovered that Fritzie again brought a few balls, they all piled out of the classrooms and started playing with the four German children. This lasted for nearly 2 hours and it was the end of school for the day.

The Schmallenbachs also visited the family and house of John Teffo. Teffo has been working at Thabaphaswa for 22 years. During their visit 7 years ago they visited the house of Moses in the same village.

Here are photos taken during the two visits.