Friends of Thabaphaswa

Joanne Buttress (Jopie)

KIngfisher at Thabaphaswa
Joanne Buttress (Jopie) is a childhood friend of Ankie Richter of Thabaphaswa.

Jopie spent the first years of her life in a Japannese concentration camp and only met her father a few years after World War 2.

Her father survived the bombing of Hiroshima because he was underground in a mine during the attack.

Jopie nets, weighs and rings birds on Thabaphaswa during different seasons and submits the information to a central bird register in South Africa.

Kuduga Botswana Self Drives

Avontuurlijke safari’s: zelf met een 4×4 auto door de wildernis van Botswana rijden. Als gids een GPS, als accommodatie een daktent of chalet. Overnachtingen, excursies en parkentrees geregeld. U gaat zorgeloos op pad, genietend van de ruige natuur en de grote variëteit aan wilde dieren en vogels. Olifanten die over de camping lopen, brullende leeuwen in de nacht… in Botswana wordt het werkelijkheid!

Visit the Khuduga website

Ria Smuts loves Thabaphaswa

When she and husband Adriaan visit the farm, she has time to give her artistic mind free reigns. This has resulted in many exquisite wood carvings, some of which she exhibits at her art exhibitions.

They are owners of a number of Nguni cattle which are kept at Thabaphaswa as part of the Thabaphaswa cattle hotel.

Some years ago, Ria had the bright idea to use the beautiful wood logs, found on the farm, to create art. This involves detailed carving with specialised tools.

The wide variety of bushveld trees is a characteristic of Thabaphaswa and Ria’s art brings the quality of the wood of discarded logs, to life in desirable wood carvings.

Contact Ria at 072 118 8969

Photographer Marianne Schwankhart

Photographer Marianne Schwankhart spent some time capturing the soul of the Thabaphaswa Ngunis. Her work is used to enhance spaces with beautifully framed, editioned prints.

See her website at Dragontree for a wider selection of wall art

Ibogaine Safaris

Pierre le Roux is a photographer with E-news and he started a rehabilitation program for people dependent on heroin called the “Get off drugs safari” or “Ibogaine Safari”.

Ibogaine is extracted from the root bark of a tree in the Cameroon and is a traditional African medicine. It is a psychoactive substance that occurs naturally in a number of plants. It has a place in African ritual and traditional healing. It was discovered in the 1960’s that it’s able to interrupt addiction to heroin without withdrawal symptoms.

Pierre uses Thabaphaswa for some of his Ibogaine Safaris and says it is a good retreat for this purpose.