Thabaphaswa camp sites increasing due to popular demand

Since we started in 1997 with only one campsite, the Thabaphaswa Camp Site, we have experienced strong growth in demand the for campsites.

We now have more than 20 campsites, but this did not proof enough to meet the demand over the last few weekends. Our challenge is to develop more campsites while maintaining the character of privacy and the atmosphere that comes from being alone in the bush.

We experience an increase in demand for larger campsites for campers with bigger 4×4 caravans with large tents.

In response, we embarked on the development of several new camping sites. This enables us to avoid over-concentration in existing camping areas.

The following camping areas will in future be available to visitors:

  1. The Camping area at the foot of the Thabaphaswa Mountain;
  2. The Riverside camping area;
  3. The Koppie-Alleen camping area – to be completed before middle December
  4. The Midstream Camping area – to be completed before middle December;
  5. The Mahlare Camping area – to be completed by March 2019.
Thabaphaswa camping
Thabaphaswa camping